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Happy Deepavali to all celebrants :)

I would like to wish all celebrants a Happy Deepavali/ Divali to all. The festive session falls on Monday, 27 October 08 this year. For those going back to hometowns, have a safe and pleasant journey.

deepavaliOne of my favourite things about Deepavali is of course the food- I had especially loved the ghee balls. Previously, my boss used to make and she will take for us after coming back from Deepavali. Now that I am not working with her, I will surely miss all her ghee balls (for your information, ghee balls are made of ghee and sugar- very high in fat and sugar content but it taste nice nevertheless). Of course, there are the muruku and other ‘sinful’ food.

As we only get the enjoy these delicious home made goodies once a year, we need not totally abstain ourselves from these goodies. With a few wise adaptations, we can prevent lots of weight gain during festive sessions.

Here are some past articles I have writen on subjects on eating during festive sessions. Hope it is useful for you when you get back after the holidays 🙂

1. So you have sinned in a big meal, what to do next?

2. Festive Season Diets-High in sugar/fat

3. Dealing with aftermath of Christmas feasts 

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