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Exercise Videos on the Swiss Ball/ Core Training

Here are the exercise videos on how to use the Swiss Ball, also known as Balance/ Exercise/ Fit / Stability Ball:

  • How to use an Exercise Ball
  • Balance Ball Exercises for Beginners
  • Cardio Ball 1
  • Stability Ball 101
  • Chris Comfort’s Swiss Ball Exercises
  • Pilates Workout on the Stability Ball.
  • Pilates Ball Workout to Improve Balance & Coordination.
  • Top 10 Stability Ball Exercises
  • The Gregory Mantell Show — Strengthen Your Core! (25 min)
  • Pilates For Intermediates: Balance Ball Workout – Part 1 & Part 2
  • Core Exercise for Intermediate to Advanced Exercises (with explanation about importance of core but exercises are quite difficult)
  • Core Exercises (Without Ball)

  • Core Balance
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