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This blog started from the free hosting site blogspot way back in 2006. With this blog, I could share my writings on health topics and many ideas on my own research, feelings and expressions. There is a lot of sentiment,  and work from the heart that goes into updating its comments.

However as times goes by, other areas in life took over and my priorities change. I wish to thank visitors for your visit to this humble blog.

Please read on any articles that may interest you. Take everything as you would with consideration- try out to see if it works. For example areas of mind body healing is very subjective and may wary from one individual to another.

I have also made the decision to close off the comments. No doubt I sincerely appreciate valuable feedback from genuine visitors…. but the total number of spam and junk comments had became too time consuming to moderate.

Take care and here’s wishing you a great year ahead.

Unable to move the eyeballs- and later diagnosed with a brain tumor

Someone shared a case about a friend of his who suffered from the following symptoms:

  • Unable to move his eyeballs- normally we can move to look at our right or left- but this guy could not do it
  • Always suffer from ear pain 

At first when he went to see a doctor at a private hospital, he was given some medication that seemed to relieve his condition. When the pain came back, his friend brought him to see a specialist to perform MRI.

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Through MSN, I’ve discovered an interesting site parade.com

A slide that they’ve featured caught my eye because I believe it provides valuable information: 4 Diseases You Can Fight with Fitness by Michael O’Shea.

1. Heart Disease

The article mentioned that regular exercise lowers blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

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When was the last time you have gone barefooted and step on real soil of the earth?


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Personally, I’ve been suffering from pain around my kidney area for a few years. It was worst during the days that I take lots of gourmet coffee like lattes and lead a highly stressed life. With stress reduction, the pain is there but lesser because I still could not give up coffee.

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No energy for cardio workouts? Try this…

If you find that you have no energy to exercise, especially in the morning, you can start with just light cardio like bicycling, walking on the treadmill or doing the cross trainer at low effort level. Once your muscles are warmed up sufficiently, try a few exercises that is targetted at your core muscles like the following:


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I remember reading in the papers sometime back that a very young lady had to undergo open heart surgery to repair her mitral valve- and other than chronic sinus, she did not seems to have other health complaints. In the same article, it was mentioned that a study have indicated that patients with heart valve problem seemed to be suffering from chronic sinus as well.

From the perpective of mind-body medicine, sinus is like the body’s way of trying to cry- in where it is not convenient and because crying is often seen as a sign of weakness, many people who are feeling sad inside tend to repress their tears. If the sinus is chronic, meaning it often happens, it could be an indicative of unexpressed grieving or sadness that is ongoing and unresolved. In all ancient healing traditions- the happiness and sadness are often linked to the heart. When the person is emotionally unhappy and sad, the heart energy weakens.

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The answer to this is it depends on the level of pain you are experiencing. You also need to rule out that it is really a muscle pull and not something serious like a bone fracture, muscle tears or tendon injury.

Normally muscle pull occurs on the lower part of our body- anywhere from the hip to all the way down to our feet. Common reason for getting muscle pull is through a certain jerk movement when the muscles are not warmed up or rigorous exercise without proper warming up.

Once, I experienced a muscle pull. Actually I have not been working out at night time for a few weeks. I have transferred my workouts too morning time as I have made the changes- avoid bathing after the sun sets or after gym. But due to inability to wake up at times, guilt set in and I finally decide to go at night.

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